Goerg & Schneider: Precious. Consistent. Timeless

Goerg & Schneider is a classic family business headed by Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Hartmut Goerg and MSc Business Administration Florian Goerg.

Precious. We are one of the leading companies in the Westerwald region for the extraction and the processing of high-quality ceramic raw materials. These minerals form the basis for customized clay mixtures, chamottes and compounds for the production of ceramic and refractory products.

Consistent. Since our foundation in 1924, we share the passion for ceramics and pottery with our customers.

Timeless. Over the years, we have consistently developed our experience and expertise - and as a competent partner we always ensure the best possible clay solution for our customers: Have a good clay!


Since 1989 we have been producing ceramic bodies which are sold to industrial customers or through specialist retailers to potters and ceramists. In addition, all our products for potters can be purchased through at factory outlet store.

Precious. Consistent. Timeless