0751 - AirDry

Firing range0-1220
Chamotte portion0%


Ceramic body 751 - AirDry is an air-hardening crafting clay that is particularly suitable for children. They can playfully gain their first experience with clay with this very malleable clay.
Normally, drying in the air is completely sufficient. If you want to achieve even greater strength, you can also dry the objects in the oven at max. 100 °C after a few days.
(Do not put them in the oven damp - this can lead to cracks!)
Once the object has hardened in the air in a few days, it can easily be painted with felt-tip pens, watercolors or acrylic paints.

Caution: Workpieces that have been dried and painted are not suitable for use as tableware, as they are not water-resistant without further treatment.

For advanced users, firing in a ceramic kiln is also possible. This crafting clay can be fired up to 1220 °C.
This means that you can also produce real ceramics with our 751 AirDry craft clay and a suitable glaze.

Objects created with body 0751 - AirDry

Characteristics of Ceramic body 0751 - AirDry

Firing colour white - beige  
possible Firing range (°C) 1000 - 1220  
Chamotte portion (%) 0  
Chamotte grain size (mm) 0  
DS (%)* 8  
Firing shrinkage 1070 °C - 3% 1200 °C - 8%
Water absorption 1070 °C - 11% 1200 °C - 1%
Note * DS = Dry shrinkage at 110°C