DIY and background information for pure pottery passion. A short introduction to some YouTube channel

Goerg & Schneider – Keramische Massen (German channel)

In our channel we provide technical instructions, background information and show potters making different ceramics with our products.

Töpfern / Kili Siefart (German channel)

Here you will find several videos about pottery. The videos show the design of different ceramics. There is also a short introduction to the techniques of portraiture.

Ceramic Arts Daily (English channel) is a website and blog for active potters and ceramic artists worldwide and anyone who wants to learn more about this craft.

Ingleton Pottery (English channel)

The videos show demonstrations from basic techniques such as centering the clay to more ambitious projects such as making bowls, cups and casserole dishes.

Lust darauf bekommen, die gezeigten Kunstwerke selbst zu töpfern? Hier gibt es weitere Informationen zu unseren keramischen Massen für die verschiedenen Anwendungen.

Do you want to start to do some potteries by yourself? Please find below more information about our ceramic bodies for different applications.
Product overview

Have a good clay!