Pottery and fine cuisine - with Hannes Fleisch

Pottery and fine cuisine: creativity and skilful presentation
Fine cuisine is characterised by creativity and individuality. Hannes Fleisch has come to pottery as a chef in search of a unique way to present his dishes.

With Hannes Fleisch
Hannes, from your point of view, what do fine cuisine and pottery have in common?
In principle there are two things in common: Both are characterized by creativity and individuality. What counts ultimately is skilful food presentation. I came to do pottery in search of a very individual way of presenting my dishes.



What does pottery mean to you personally?
For me it is a nice counter-balance to the sometimes very hectic work in the kitchen. Doing pottery is relaxing. This feeling of working with wet clay is unique, it is a good feeling. Besides, pottery is quite easy to learn. You don't need a lot of expert knowledge, no specific know-how. Many things you can learn by yourself. Also pottery is not expensive. With the right clay
you can start immediately.

What inspires you when you make pottery?
I have looked for ideas on how to prepare my dishes and I have seen various pictures. At first I wanted to have my own series of dishes made, which is quite expensive. I came up with the idea of handmade tableware when I saw that other restaurants use their own creations. From the beginning I liked the idea of a very individual design. So I bought an old oven and started. Of course, not everything worked out straightaway just as I wanted it, but the creative possibilities inspired me. Especially because the colours that can be produced with ceramics and glazes are unique. Ideas for making pottery then come all by themselves: the more you work with the subject, the more ideas grow out of it. Just like cooking in the kitchen!


Pottery and fine cuisine -  with Hannes FleischPottery and fine cuisine -  with Hannes FleischPottery and fine cuisine -  with Hannes FleischPottery and fine cuisine -  with Hannes Fleisch



Hannes Fleisch is a trained chef and runs the MONTAFON Lodge Design Hotel and SPA together with his wife Simone.

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