Our new distributor:


EUROKERAMIKI P.C. was founded in Thessalonki Greece in 2018. Since March 2022 has started cooperation as distributor  of “ Goerg & Schneider”  for it plastic bodies and casting slips.

EUROKERAMIKI offers to its customers a full portfolio of materials and machinery for pottery including kilns , clay, glazes, wheels, raw materials  etc from well known  suppliers worldwide with the highest quality.

Mercurius diffusion , France:

Mercurius diffusion works with companies whose social and environmental principles match ours.

The often unique, artisanal and high-quality nature of their products, as well as the care and integrity of their services, offer tangible benefits to our customers and enable us to achieve our other common goals.

This is why we distribute clays in France from Goerg and Schneider, whose products are in line with our objectives



Lervis, Sweden:

Lervis is a ceramics workshop in Hjo, Sweden run by Ellen Lannemyr. Lervis offers ceramics courses, sells handmade ceramics and now begins the journey together with George & schneider as a dealer of clay. We share the pottery passion for clay and I look forward to develop that part of the company further. For more information: www.lervis.se