Our most precious product: The white gold from the Westerwald

The extraction of clay in the Westerwald region has a long tradition. Clay is the white gold from the Westerwald. The clay, which is mined in the pits of Goerg & Schneider, has a particularly fine consistency. The clay is very plastic and very well suited for potters.

Before the actual extraction of clay, extensive planning is carried out to take into account the sustainability of the extraction and the recultivation during the entire lifetime of a plant area. As a family business, we have a great interest in the availability of natural resources for future generations.

In the early years, clay mining was a tough job, the white gold was laboriously extracted locally for ceramists and potters.



Until today, the dedication and experience of our employees is required to extract the best clay.



Belt conveyors transport the material to temporary storage at our factory. The clay is then examined in the laboratory to ensure a variety of properties with regard to the subsequent application and a consistent quality. The white gold from the Westerwald. Precious. Resistant. Timeless. Have a good clay!