Interkerám, Goerg & Schneider’s strong partner in Hungary.



For more than 25 years Interkerám has been Goerg & Schneider’s strong partner in Hungary.

Interkerám’s home is in Kecskmét in the heart of Hungary. Here, and from a second shop in Budapest, we offer a retail service directly to the customer. There is also a growing distributor network. The delivery of products to the customer, by the firm’s vehicles or by post, is offered as a service.


Under the leadership of Lajos Tóth, 20 employees take care of the customers.
Potteries, artists, hobby ceramicists and schools appreciate the extensive range of ceramic bodies and ceramic products on offer as well as the expert advice for the fabrication of ceramics. In addition, an in-house, well equipped laboratory offers the possibility for application-technical tests and continuous quality control. 

Interkerám sells a multitude of Goerg & Schneider’s ceramic bodies in Hungary and neighbouring countries. Their consistent high quality ensures that these products are popular with local ceramicists.



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